Contract Negotiations

As contract consultants we review hundreds of contracts every year. An alarming conclusion we’ve come to throughout our 25 years in business is that the initial telecom contract, regardless of the provider, is almost always biased in favor of the vendor. Consequently, what is verbally agreed upon in the proposal is not always delivered during the life of the contract. This is not surprising considering that most of the agents that represent these telecom companies do not fully understand the terms and conditions of the contracts they are signing.

The agents that represent Communication Consulting Services have an intimate knowledge of telecom contracts built from past employment in various telecom companies as well as over 25 years as contract consultants. We invest the time and energy required to fully understand the details of your contract and its present and future impact on your company.

After carefully examining your contract proposal and identifying areas that are slanted in favor of the vendor, our agents negotiate with the vendor to ensure a more balanced contract and service agreement. In short, Communication Consulting Services maximizes the value of your contract, minimizes its cost, and is with you every step of the way throughout your contract to ensure that your provider always holds up their end of the agreement.