Our Identity

Communication Consulting Services is an independent consulting company specializing in voice and data communications consulting; by independent we mean we are not tied to any local, long distance or equipment manufacturing companies.

The company was founded in November of 1987, by Steven Kasper, with the purpose of filling the gap that was left in servicing customers as a result of the breakup of the Bell System. Since then the company has provided high quality service and telecommunications expertise to over 200 clients in Indiana and throughout the country.

In today's rapidly changing communications environment, it is next to impossible for most clients to keep up with the changes. Our company provides a value added resource to assist clients in making cost effective decisions.

Furthermore, the communications industry is in the midst of a crisis regarding customer service. This has resulted in errors and, at times, even fraud. we specialize in weeding through the confusion this produces and helps companies to gain control of their communications services.